My Story

A 500hr trained yoga teacher and therapist certified with the Yoga Alliance and one of only 17 practitioners in Hong Kong who are certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapy (


I first discovered yoga in my early twenties and subsequently dipped in and out of the practice for a while. It was not until my early thirties, though, that I met and found a teacher in Angus Ford-Robertson who went on to be a major influence for me both on and off the yoga mat. Whilst living in London I had a regular practice although looking back now I can see that as much as I loved the practice and felt better for it, there was much that I was not quite getting. I arrived in Hong Kong in 2009 and lived a rather chaotic and hedonistic life, overwhelmed by the loss of my support networks I struggled to find my feet, I felt un-grounded and anxious. Things hit a wall and I turned to my old yoga teacher in London who set me on a path of empowerment and liberation, gradually I rebuilt my life based on living a life of truth and awareness. It was a bumpy ride but I can honestly say now that all that I have experienced is what makes me the yoga teacher that I am today, imperfectly perfect, frequently flawed but every day learning some more from the experiences of my life, my family and my students. Yoga was and is my therapy and so it was a natural progression for me to embark on a training within Yoga Therapy, I had no idea where this would take me, only that I instinctively knew that it was right. My teacher, Chandrika Gibson, has inspired me to learn, to study, to offer an evidence based and wholely integrated form of yoga therapy with humility and compassion.


Over the course of 15 years as a yoga practitioner and 6 years as a yoga teacher I have developed a practice that honors the ancient traditions of yoga but at the same time affords me the space and freedom to be creative with my teachings. I am a self confessed “yoga thief”, I have taken what I love from a range of styles, lineages and teachers and incorporated them into my own style of practice. My style of teaching has been described as “Active Stillness” as I invite each and every student to find a way into their body, to feel, notice and witness all that is there, to listen in and allow the experience of the moment to emerge into their awareness through the simple act of connecting to the flow of the body and breath.


Known and loved for my grounded and intuitive style of teaching I am passionate about welcoming people to the mat, to show them that it is never about the pose or the shape of the body and what it can or can’t do, but that it is about the experience of the practice and the path of self-discovery and healing that follows. Yoga is a practice that is available to all and I have devoted time to learning how to make yoga accessible to everybody. A trained homeopath since 2011 I have long held an interest in wellness and whilst no longer practicing, I have for many years been of the firm belief that if we can empower ourselves to be responsible for our own health, we get to write the story of our lives and we get to live a life of peace, joy and effortless ease.


Along the way I have trained in:


  • 2017 – Yoga Therapy – 100 hours Advanced Clinical Training, Living Yoga Therapy
  • 2016/2017 – Yoga Therapy foundational training & mentorship (250 hours), Living Yoga Therapy
  • 2014/15 – Raja Yoga 100hr teacher training, Hersha Chellaram, Integral yoga
  • 2012 – Pre and postnatal yoga teacher training, Birthlight
  • 2011 – 250hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Yoga Limbs





To empower you on your own journey of self discovery and healing, so that you may not just survive but thrive.

To offer a personalised service to guide individuals on how to move towards greater levels of wellness working within the framework of the principles and philosophies of yoga.

To create integrative programs and online offerings so that yoga may be accessible to everybody and incorporated into their lives.

To work to the ethical guidelines as set down by both regulatory bodies of yoga – the Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapy.