Put a plug in it!

June 8th, 2018

Put a plug in it!

I listened to a webinar yesterday with a yogi called Robin Rothenberg – she was talking about the breath and how breathing well is the key to a healthy life. Sometimes you hear an hour of conversation but that, that hour has the potential to be life changing. What she had to say really struck a chord with me and here is why.

According to Robin Rothenberg we have become addicted to the big inhale and exhale, the up and the down, the excitement and the calm. She says that the only breath that matters is the abdominal diaphragmatic breath with the respiratory muscles relaxed. She also goes on to the say that over the years of study she has made into the texts on pranayama she found no supporting evidence for the Ujayyi breath and no scientific data to support that this form of breath really has an impact on our health.

She says that the inhale and exhale are merely tools to help us develop breath retention. “To be able to hold the breath comfortably is a sign of health – it shows that we have enough Co2 in order for our body to be oxygenated.”

Of course we all have habits that unconsciously mean we leak prana but according to the yogis prana is finite and therefore learning to plug those leaks is so important. These habits may include sighing, yawning, coughing, sniffing, talking and more and Robin says in fact that all of these habits are signs that we are hyperventilating – most of us are OVER BREATHING.

Fun facts:

Co2 regulates our breathing as the medulla reads Co2 levels

These levels control whether or not oxygen is released into the tissues

So when Co2 drops the body is un-oxygenated and will fatigue

So guess what hyperventilating means we are un-oxygenated – ever wondered why you are so tired?

Simply put we have to plug the leaks – we have to come back to the idea of a low and slow breath, one that is light as a feather and one that allows your body to find balance and wellness.

Today I have been watching myself – catching myself when the big, deep sighs come and observing what the need is. As I catch it I can then take a moment to breathe gently but with full awareness. Two things that are coming out of it – I feel more aware of my emotional neediness and I feel like I am listening to my breath more consciously.

I love this learning process, I love how it informs my practice. Sometimes you hear a piece of information and maybe you have heard it before, but someone says it in a way that it makes so much sense that you know you have to explore it more. I shall be buying her book when it comes out. Do go and check her out


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